Climbing is a super social sport but at the same time you are up against yourself and therefore can push as much or as little as you like. You can choose to either start with the very basics at our climbing tower or try climbing on a rock face. Whichever you choose you will be supported by our experienced instructors who will provide advice, support, and encouragement.

Anyone can have fun climbing at the Centre, even people who are afraid of heights! We offer everything from bouldering (low level climbing without a rope) and top roping. There is something to suit beginners and more experienced climbers. We can work with people of all abilities as the climbing challenge can be changed to suit any individual. It means that climbers can work towards achieving one goal and then progress their skills.

Our climbing wall is in the form of a tower. It has three faces and four climbing stations which offer the opportunity for the climber to experience a huge range of climbing techniques. Each station provides a different challenge and this can be increased by limiting the use of the number of holds used on the route.

We have a great team of highly qualified instructors to ensure our climbers receive excellent training. The texture of the wall and many features that imitate natural rock structures make it an ideal tool for progressing towards climbing on natural rock.

Rock Climbing is great fun! There is no better sense of achievement than that of reaching the top of a climb. The feeling of success will be reflected in your other daily activities. Set a challenge for yourself or the whole family and give it a go.